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Friday, July 11, 2008
  Issue #28

Among the contributors to Challenger #28 are:

James Bacon, London, U.K.

Sheryl Birkhead, Gaithersburg MD

Warren Buff, Raleigh NC

Randy Childers, Bowling Green KY

Randy B. Cleary, Madison AL

Liz Copeland, Bellevue WA

Dennis Dolbear, Jefferson LA

Mike Estabrook, Acton MA

Brad Foster, Irving TX

Alexis Gilliland, Arlington VA

Mike Glyer, Monrovia

Laura Haywood-Cory, Durham NC

John Purcell, College Station, TX

Charles Williams, Knoxville TN

Gregory Benford, Joseph Green, Toni Reinhardt, Mike Resnick, c/o Challenger


  Visited: CON*CAVE!

Rose-Marie and I were pleased to be named Guests of Honor at Kentucky's Con*Cave in April.Some scenes: Tim Lane and me, seemingly lost in prayer, Pirate Beauties, WigWam Village.

Why It's Called "Con*Cave"

Our trek through Mamoth Caves covered 4 1/2 miles in 4 1/2 hours, and showed us wonders. Lower right, la belle in a tight squeeze. Below, graffiti left by a Civil War soldier.


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