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Monday, September 18, 2006
  Visitors and Visited
Rosy and I spent the first week of June on a long drive through Texas, Louisiana and Florida. In New Orleans we paused to visit the Symphony Book Fair with its #1 patron, John Guidry, shown inspecting wares beneath a table.

We had just come from Texas A&M University, where I had just left a sub-stantial piece of my life: 36 years’ worth of SFPA – my collection of the Southern Fandom Press Alliance. I donated 21 boxes of mailings to Professor Hal Hall, at left with me, and below, with la belle, in the heart of the university library’s marvelous SF collection. That’s a near-complete set of Weird Tales by Rosy’s shoulder. Elsewhere in the magnificent stacks, manuscripts from George R.R. Martin and Michael Moorcock, the voluminous notes of SaM Moscowitz, and acres of other goodies. My SFPAs could not be in a better locale. I did Professor Hall another small favor – clued him in to the real identity of Analog writer “Winston P. Sanders”. Never heard of him? Try jumbling the letters in his name. You’ll get “P[oul]. Anderson’s twins”.

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